Getting started: ACME Service Provider under-construction

Let's get ambitious and build step by step a Service Provider network for a fictious ACME company.

Topology diagram



  • ACME service provider routers are organized as follow:

    • C2, C3, C4, C5 are pure MPLS Label Switch Router (LSR)
    • C1, C7, C8 are MPLS Label Edge Router (LER)
    • C9 is ACME core network:
      • BGP route reflector
      • TACACS server
  • Protocols used are:

    • OSPF
    • LDP
    • BGP with IPv4, IPv6, 6VPE, VPLS, EVPN address-family
  • Management for all routers are possible using:

    • telnet: passwordless telnet for the lab purpose
    • SSH authentication: authenticated by C9 acting a ACME TACACS server
  • R10,R11, R12 are ACME CPEs and are configured to access network services provided by ACME LER routers.

  • Last but not least, we will deploy RARE/FreerTr with bmv2 P4 dataplane



RARE packages on Launchpad are daily built. It happens that changes applied to p4 software master branches can prevent the packages to be build properly. While waiting for the packages build to be fixed, it is therefore reccommended to use p4-guides scripts or the manual method of your choice to set up a p4 environement. Also note that RARE is using p4runtime in order to ensure communication between FreerTr and the p4 switch, so you'll need to build bmv2 and enable simple_switch_grpc target.

  • Launch the whole topology

    cd RARE/02-PE-labs/0000-topology-B/

  • Enjoy ACME network lab

    • Undertake end to end ping test from R10,R11,R12
    • Check BGP route reflection and use FreerTr CLI to verify BGP NLRI and adress-family session establishment
    • Check LDP and MPLS forwarding
    • Check VPLS and EVPN at LER level
    • Check VPNv4 and 6VPE at LER level
      • any to any VPN with 1 RT
      • and a many to one wth 2 RT)
    • etc.